Terms & Conditions

I'll try to keep this as straight forward as possible. This page documents the terms under which you agree to use the Mumubl website and these are the conditions you agree to when signing up. As you would expect "you" means you the user and "we" means the generic entity that is the administration of this website.


You agree to keep your posts reasonably clean, we will remove any posts that engage in spam posting, including unsuitable links or include pornographic content or any content that we deem innapropriate or distasteful. You are welcome to appeal if you think we have been heavy handed or unfair in our censorship. The same goes for any images you post and any details you enter on your user profile.

Ownership and usage

Posts you write on here are yours and you are welcome to request their removal at any point, we'll try and give you a nice data file with your posts in. We reserve the right to promote and use your posts for the benefit of the site. Before doing anything more than pimping your post around social networks we will endeavour to seek your permission to make sure you're happy.


We may from time to time send you important site emails detailing any issues that may effect you and keeping you up to date with any changes to the terms and conditions here, and we reserve the right to do so, any non essential emails such as notifications or promotional emails will be possible to opt out of receiving via the user dashboard.


This website uses cookies that store data for users and allows you to remain logged in between site visits and we store no sensitive information within these cookies. There are also third parties that will use cookies on this website including but not limited to Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook.